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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Yogurt

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This Strawberries and Cream Slab Cake Makes the Perfect Traveling Companion

How to Survive the Sriracha Shortage

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A Four-Ingredient Fried Chicken Recipe With a Story to Tell

The Best Vegetarian Dinner Recipes, According to Eater Editors

Dinner Is Served: Claire Saffitz Will Eat Anything With Aioli on It

In Defense of Prunes

The 5 Must-Have Sauces for Vegetarian-Friendly Grilling

Veggie Dogs Have Come a Long Way (Sort Of)

From Beyond Meat to Field Roast, Impossible Foods to Morningstar Farms and Tofurky, ranking vegetarian-friendly hot dogs, from best to worst

These Jerk Cauliflower Wings Are a Supremely Easy Vegetarian Snack

Cheese Is an Underrated Grilling Move

A Recipe for the Perfect Veggie Burger (That Actually Holds Up on the Grill)

It’s Time to Grill Weird, Unpopular Root Vegetables

From Sourdough to Inflation: How the Pandemic Changed the Way We Eat

King’s Hawaiian, Now’s Your Time

Recreate an Ice Cream Truck Icon With a DIY Taco Party

Using some easy homemade shells and whatever ice cream and toppings you want, you can make your very own Choco Tacos at home

Making Your Own Ice Cream Is Totally Worth It

The Absolute Best (and Sometimes Worst) Vegan Ice Cream

We tried 17 kinds of vegan ice creams so you don’t have to

The Best Ice Cream Topping Is That Shitty Cake You Just Made

A No-Churn Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe for the Ages

A Malted Milk No-Bake Cheesecake Recipe That’s Perfect for Summer

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